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Steel Coils Arrive Via Covered Gondola Railcars From Mexico

The Kearney Company recently accepted Steel Coils from Covered Gondola Railcars that came to New Orleans via Kansas City Southern Railroad from Mexico. As part of the COMMODITY WAREHOUSING & TRANSLOADING SERVICES in the dimensional transloading arena, Kearney Companies will be holding, then preparing the steel for its next destination in the United States.

This cargo is a great example that illustrates New Orleans' role as a multi-modal port with international rail being a large component of the types of goods that are brought to our port. Steel coils are typically used and processed for the automotive industry, in the manufacture of household goods, machinery, tools and containers, among other things.

"The general public sometimes takes it for granted how important New Orleans is as an international destination for commodities in an area outside of shipping," said David Kearney, President of Kearney Companies. "With this shipment, roughly 500 tons of steel coils will be then sent to manufacturing facilities that will use it in the development of a variety of products."

Below are images of the offloading of the steel coils, including the use of our Shuttle Lift (Straddle Crane) removing the covered gondola that protects the shipment from the weather and debris during the transportation process.

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