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Port of New Orleans Announces $7.1 Million in Federal Funding for Sustainability Infrastructure to Reduce Emissions and Slow Global Climate Change

Aerial Image of The Port of New Orleans

Grant money also supports Port NOLA’s workforce development initiatives to create pathways for the thousands of jobs the new Louisiana International Terminal will generate.


NEW ORLEANS- The Port of New Orleans announced today that it has been awarded $7,117,567 from the Federal Highway Administration’s Reducing Truck Emissions at Port Facilities (RTEPF) Grant program that is funded by the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.


“Continually upgrading our ports is essential to attract new businesses and keep and create jobs,” said Senator Bill Cassidy, M.D. (R-LA). “This money improves infrastructure and workforce development. This is how to make the Port of New Orleans even more competitive.”

“This funding for the Port of New Orleans is a significant investment that will drive substantial reductions in truck emissions, benefiting the environment and public health,” said Rep. Troy Carter, Sr. (D-LA). “It showcases a bold approach to modernizing port facilities, aligning with the goals of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act to promote sustainability and innovation in transportation infrastructure. By upgrading electrical infrastructure and incorporating all-electric trucks, the Port of New Orleans sets an example for ports nationwide while also fostering workforce development through strategic partnerships with educational institutions.”


Port NOLA along with its valued partners will use the federal funding for sustainable transportation and infrastructure to reduce truck congestion and emissions at Port terminals, Ports America Louisiana, and New Orleans Terminal, LLC. Additionally, the funding will provide $200,000 in sub-awards for Port NOLA’s partners at Nunez Community College and the Urban League of Louisiana for workforce development and educational opportunities for future technicians to work on the upcoming technologies.


“We would like to thank the Biden Administration and our federal delegation for helping the Port of New Orleans honor its commitment to sustainability, environmental justice, equity, and reducing our environmental footprint,” said Port NOLA President & CEO Brandy D. Christian. “We remain focused on prioritizing the utilization of green technologies and infrastructure, sustainable transportation, and helping underserved communities through workforce development initiatives. This funding helps us continue this transformative journey that is aligned with a broader global movement to slow climate change.”


Seven electric terminal tractors and associated charging infrastructure will be installed at both Port NOLA terminal operators, Ports America Louisiana, and New Orleans Terminal, LLC.


"Ports America Louisiana sincerely appreciates Senator Bill Cassidy’s and Congressman Troy Carter's support and assistance in securing this vital public-private infrastructure investment in modern and sustainable operations, which will improve air quality in and around our terminals. For over 100 years, Ports America Louisiana has been a proud partner with the Port of New Orleans, investing for the future, ensuring efficient trade, and capitalizing on innovative industry trends, all aiming to leverage the economic benefits of the Lower Mississippi River," said Keith Palmisano, Vice President, and General Manager of Ports America Louisiana.


“The Port of New Orleans is a vital gateway to the world’s supply chain, and an economic engine for Louisiana and the nation. We realize the importance of reducing emissions, increasing efficiency, and modernizing our infrastructure for the future,” said Kristopher Calkins, New Orleans Terminal, LLC. CEO. “We thank Port NOLA, and the federal government for their help in prioritizing our collective sustainability initiatives.”


Port NOLA with the help of its workforce development and education partners will also use the federal funding to create pathways for the thousands of jobs the port’s new Louisiana International Terminal (LIT) will create. LIT will transform Louisiana’s and St. Bernard Parish’s economy for generations to come as it’s expected to generate 32,000 new jobs nationwide, 18,000 here in Louisiana, and 4,300 in St. Bernard Parish, as well as more than $1 Billion in total new state and local tax revenue by 2050. 


As part of the federal grant funding, Nunez Community College in St. Bernard Parish will receive $100,000 to support the Port’s environmental justice and sustainability efforts.

“We look forward to working with Port NOLA and our other partners to establish pathways related to maritime and logistics careers, deliver technical skills instruction to support new port-related technologies, and supporting the fulfillment of apprenticeship opportunities,” said Tina Tinney, Ed.D., Nunez Community College Chancellor.


The Urban League of Louisiana will also receive $100,000 to strengthen awareness and promote maritime, logistics and construction careers, offer apprenticeship programs for career seekers in St. Bernard Parish and other surrounding communities while also increasing access to high-paying jobs in underserved communities.


“The Urban League of Louisiana is grateful to Congressman Carter for continuing to be a champion of our work to strengthen the workforce and prepare marginalized communities to take advantage of careers that provide pathways to generational wealth,” said Judy Reese Morse, President and CEO of Urban League of Louisiana. “We are excited to partner with Port NOLA and believe this collaboration and investment will prove to be significant in the growth of our workforce and region.”


$145,115 of the federal funding with a $30,000 match from BP Pulse will be used for data management and analytics software installation and project management. BP Pulse will be providing its Omega Charge Management Software (Omega CMS) to Port NOLA and the terminal operators to monitor and maximize efficiency of electric vehicles and equipment, as well as the charging stations.


Additionally, Entergy New Orleans will provide In-kind services and employee support for installation of the charging stations and infrastructure associated with this project. Up to $100,000 of the federal funding will be used for utility infrastructure upgrades.


“Entergy New Orleans is proud to support this project, and grateful to Sen. Cassidy and Rep. Carter for helping secure grant approval,” said Deanna Rodriguez, president, and CEO of Entergy New Orleans. “As more and more of our customers make the transition to electric fleets, we stand ready to collaborate with them on finding ways to implement the kind of improvements that will lead us to a brighter, greener future.”

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About Port NOLA: The Port of New Orleans (Port NOLA) is a modern multimodal gateway for global commerce and an in-demand cruise port — delivering seamless, integrated logistics solutions between river, rail and road. Port NOLA is a diverse deep-water port uniquely located on the Mississippi River near the Gulf of Mexico -- with access to 30-plus major inland hubs such as Dallas, Memphis, Chicago and Canada via 14,500 miles of waterways, 6 Class I railroads and interstate roadways. Strategic alignment with the New Orleans Public Belt Railroad, a Class III connecting railroad, strengthens Port NOLA’s position as an integrated hub and supports the Port’s mission of driving regional economic prosperity.

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