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Container Drayage:

We use a combination of company owned trucks and approved third-party drayman to dray containerized and break-bulk to/from the Port of New Orleans - Napoleon Avenue Container Terminal and other area Break-bulk terminals as required by our customers. Our Drayage services meet US D.O.T. Standards and operate under all F.M.C.S.A. guidelines. Our draymen are T.W.I.C. approved and operate under US Customs and Boarder Protection C-TPAT guidelines. Our reliable service includes the industry approved safety programs, full liability insurance with excess coverage for cargo, certified drivers, online container tracking, and EDI capability.

Services Include:

  • Certified in national programs such as C-TPAT and ISO

  • Interchange with shipping lines and railroads

  • Longstanding relationships with ocean lines, freight brokers, and third-party providers

  • State-of-the-art technology including electronic yard management, online connectivity with the SS Lines and the various container terminals, EDI and online container tracking

  • KCO's facilities are secured locations with video monitoring and sufficient lighting to ensure the security of both loaded containers and empties at our locations.

Inland Freight Management:

For increased truck transportation options in North America, we offer freight management services with access to an established base of full truckload carriers including dry van, flatbed, and bulk cargo moves. Customers benefit from additional trucking capacity to supplement their core carriers while enjoying competitive rates and a single point of contact.


Our freight management services include the following modes:


- Full Truck Load Rates (FTL):

  • Over the Road Dry Van Delivery

  • Over the Road Refrigerated Van Delivery

  • Intermodal Services (motor/rail)

  • Flatbed Delivery

  • Bulk transport (PD Trailers and covered hopper trailers)

- Railcar Movements (RR Owned and Private cars) on all six class one railroads

- Barge Movements to/from our docks in New Orleans, LA on all major barge routes

Dedicated Contract Carriage

If you seek alternatives to private fleet ownership, or want more responsiveness from truckload common carriers, dedicated contract carriage may be a solution. Our dedicated program is also ideal for milk run delivery or in cases where specialized equipment and permits or licenses are required for transport. Upon customer request, we will perform a comprehensive analysis of your service, cost and other requirements to identify opportunities for cost reduction and added value using dedicated contract carriage options.

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