August 31, 2021; Update 4.0 Hurricane Ida

Dear valued employees, customers, and vendors:

Here is the latest update regarding the impacts of Hurricane Ida on our operations. Currently, the entire city of New Orleans and the surrounding areas are without power due to catastrophic damage to the power transmission lines. Entergy New Orleans expects to get at least some power back to the city by Wednesday night, company executives told members of the City Council on a call Tuesday morning.

While much of our operation can work with generators or without power during daylight hours, power restoration will be essential for our employees to be able to make their way back to New Orleans from their current location. As we receive updated information from the various City, State and Federal Agencies, we will pass them along. Personal safety of our employees and their families remains our focus.

KCO - Operational Status Report:

Our offices are operational with generator power. We have internet capabilities as well. We will start to bring our team back to the office as folks are able to return safely. Due to the power situation, we will not be able to open our terminals for normal operations tomorrow. Our terminals will remain CLOSED on through Wednesday, September 1st and most likely through the remainder of the week. We are working to secure additional generator power for certain operations as needed. All of the facilities have been surveyed. We have some minor damages to repair but for the most part our facilities will not take long to recover once power is restored.

Port of New Orleans - Terminal Operations:

The Port of New Orleans Container Terminals remain CLOSED. There is no clear indication when the container terminals will reopen as power will need to be restored. Surveys have begun. Flyovers of the port shows no major damage to yard or cranes, however further inspection will be needed.

Port of New Orleans - Vessel Operations:

Port condition Zulu remains in effect. The Corps of Engineers has two boats enroute to Southwest Pass to survey the channel. A Safety Zone from Mile 102 - Mile 110 has been established due to the power lines that are in the river. The Coast Guard has a meeting with Entergy scheduled for later today to discuss recovery of the lines. They are still conducting overflights and assessing the waterway. A timetable for re-opening the river has not been provided.

Port of New Orleans - Rail Operations:

The New Orleans Rail Gateway is CLOSED. The Class one Railroads will all have individual reported various impacts to their main line capacity into New Orleans. CN, KCS, BNSF and UP have reported significant damage to their main lines in the area where the hurricane made landfall. Rail operation may be impacted for several weeks as these main lines are restored.

If you have any questions, please let us know by email, we appreciate your patience and understanding as we plan around this weather event.


David Kearney

The Kearney Companies, Inc.

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