August 30, 2021; Update 3.0 Hurricane Ida

Dear valued employees, customers, and vendors:

The Kearney Companies, Inc. would like to provide you with an update regarding the impacts of Hurricane Ida on our operations. As you know, Hurricane Ida made landfall near New Orleans, LA on Sunday, August 29th as a major category 4 hurricane. Currently, the entire city of New Orleans and the surrounding areas are without power due to catastrophic damage to the power transmission lines. There is no timeline for the restoration of power. Power restoration will be the most critical infrastructure issue that we face as we try to restart operations as employees are able to make their way back to New Orleans from their current location.

As we receive updated information from the various City, State and Federal Agencies, we will pass them along. Personal safety of our employees and their families remains our focus.

KCO - Operational Status Report:

We were able to get to our offices today and we were able to establish generator power to our office. We have internet capabilities as well. We will start to bring our team back to the office as folks are able to return safely. Many of our employees are still displaced from where the live due to the lack of power in their neighborhoods.

Several of our facilities have some damage, mainly minor exterior damages from high winds and some dock doors that need to be replaced. We will be able to make more detailed facility assessments tomorrow and will advise you of any specific issues related to the facility where we handle your products if there is anything specific that we need to report.

Due to the power situation, we will not be able to open our terminals for normal operations tomorrow. We are hopeful that we can have a better timeline for power restoration in order for our team to return to home and work as soon as possible. Our terminals will remain CLOSED on Tuesday, August 31 and most likely through Wednesday, September 1st.

Port of New Orleans - Terminal Operations:

New Orleans Terminal and Ports America for containerized operations will be CLOSED Tuesday, August 31, 2021. Empire, Coastal Cargo, Gulf Stream Marine and Ports America for breakbulk operations will be CLOSED Tuesday, August 31, 2021. Power outages will prevent the terminals from reopening for some time. Plan accordingly.

Port of New Orleans - Vessel Operations:

Port condition Zulu remains in effect. The Coast Guard is continuing their assessments and continue to conduct overflights of the area. At this time, there remains no indication as to when the Coast Guard will be changing the port status to re-open the river. Initial reports are there are several barges that have sunk along the bank in Plaquemines Parish.

Port of New Orleans - Rail Operations:

The New Orleans Rail Gateway will is CLOSED. The Class one Railroads will all have individual reported various impacts to their main line capacity into New Orleans. CN, KCS, BNSF and UP have reported significant damage to their main lines in the area where the hurricane made landfall.

If you have any questions, please let us know by email, we appreciate your patience and understanding as we plan around this weather event.


David W Kearney - President

The Kearney Companies, Inc

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